Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I collaborated with ASOS on a fun Instagram scroll and wanted to share the fit and fabric details of each piece! Their petite line runs on the smaller side and is one of the few brands that fits very petite ladies.ASOS has a lot of brands and the fit is different for each, but I usually recommend you look at their in-house brands first. Shipping to the US was very quick and the return process has always been smooth for me.

Black Tie Events // Estate Weddings

Wow, this is one of my favorite ASOS finds for a timeless special occasion dress. You’d be hard pressed to find a formal, black tie appropriate dress for under $100, and even harder to find one that fits a petite frame without any alterations! This one is a winner and I absolutely love the elegance and ruffles. The weight of the fabric is thicker than I expected. It’s not clingy like some satin dresses, not too shiny or bright, and looks much more luxurious than the $80 price tag. The tie with the sexy bottom is adjustable for you. I sized up to a petite 0. It’s a slightly curvy dress.


This is so cute and cozy, good quality and affordable. I was drawn to the delightful reviews and was happy to see a customer wearing black combat boots to add some edge! Smoking also makes this lump and care friendly. While this is a regular size and not petite, the fit of the 0 is great as a longer mid-length dress.

Winery Wedding.

A fun and vibrant option for my color and print lovers. This fabric is lightweight, has a silky feel and flows with every movement. The light neon color will look amazing under a summer tan. The petite size means the sleeves fit well and aren’t too long on me, but the back is a little big on me and might be better suited to someone an inch taller. I appreciate seeing some photos of this dress in the reviews from customers with different body types!

Cocktail Dress.

You can’t go wrong with any cocktail dress, LBD. Unfortunately, my photos couldn’t capture some of the details, but the material on this is actually a lightweight black linen. The bust section is rolled up and I love the loose but softly draped statement sleeves. The two stretch back straps on this dress are also pleated and have a side zipper. The dress is a soft a-line (not very wide) and I found it to be a little narrow in the hip area.

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