Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I haven’t found a lot of clothes from J.Crew’s more casual sister brand, Madewell, other than their lightweight “Whisper” layering shirt line and this great old-school Transport crossbody bag. They’re known for their knitwear and vintage-inspired denim, but also offer a lot of styles (10+ denims!) While browsing online, I didn’t know where to start.

Nori’s teacher this year happened to be very petite and I found myself asking where her jeans or sneakers were from a lot. Turns out she works at Madewell and showed me a few of her favorite petite restaurants. I recently collaborated with the brand on an Instagram video (if you want to see the pieces in action) and wanted to share some of the successes and failures of other pieces I’ve tried on!

These are probably the most popular classic Madewell jeans that I reach for on a regular basis, and the Ainsworth is a versatile mid-blue wash if you’re looking for worn-in vintage denim to pair with a sturdier, mid-rubber twill. As the item description says, I can size down a bit if you want a better fit. I wear a size 24 and have a very loose waistline, but I didn’t want to size down because my waistline fluctuates a lot all the time. If you always wear a size 24 in denim, then changing to a size 23 would be fine.

These jeans look short in the stock photos, but were below my ankles (for reference, I’m 5 feet tall). After trying on different shoes, I couldn’t get out of my comfort zone and ended up cutting them according to my jeans cutting tutorial. What do you guys think? Do you prefer the longer raw length below?

If you’re sensitive to itchy knits, this is one of the cozier and softer Madewell sweaters I’ve tried. This square neckline has a smaller opening than most bras so you can still wear a regular bra and it’s great for work too. The sweater fits naturally on my hips and you can layer it underneath to make it look shorter. You don’t even need to tuck it into your pants because the bottom is banded. I just folded the bottom up and it stayed put!

I bought these after trying on Perfect Vintage jeans and realized they fit perfectly and didn’t need any adjustments. Compared to the Perfect Vintage, these are shorter in length, have a wider ankle opening and a smaller taper, making it easier to tuck the boot in (see below). You can also see how these shoes look with sneakers at the top of this blog. the Petite in size 24 has a little room at my waist, but not as much as the Perfect Vintage jeans from Ainsworth.

Reversible Shirt Jacket

This is definitely one of my favorite fall finds. As someone who doesn’t like trendy “sandwiches,” I love that it’s somewhere between a soft sweater and a classic layering shirt. It’s easy to style and you can throw it on quickly for a weekend event or school drop-off.

The knit ribbed fabric feels like great quality and the pleats are nice and comfortable against my skin. The ruffles are key to giving it a nice layered look over other tops and it doesn’t feel bulky on a petite frame. I’ve worn it over blue, gray, and cream jeans, and my favorite pairing is black bottoms and black Chelsea boots.

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