Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I’ve been loving this year’s trend:fitted tank tops paired with loose pants and sneakers. It combines the more cropped silhouette I usually prefer with lightweight flats to make my outfits more practical for things like picking up the kids from school and park dates. As the weather gets colder, I’ve been swapping out this tank top for a fitted long-sleeve striped t-shirt like this one.

I also love that you can usually wear a regular bra with a tank top and sometimes it just needs a simple adjustment. This bra strap converter clip is such a handy tool that I’ve been using for a decade! It just ties your straps together in the back and you can wear it higher up in the back because of the greater angle of the racerback tank. You can also use safety pins or paper clips instead if necessary, but I’ve found that it’s 100% worth it to keep these conversion clips in your bra drawer because they’re more comfortable and flatter against your skin.

The tankini cut is really coming back this year, and I love how it’s styled at the shoulders and neckline. Come fall, I’ll still be wearing my tank tops layered under a blazer or jacket so I can take them off for dinner or drinks.

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