Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I’m so happy to see that some of you are enjoying my recent costume before and after! For today’s version, which you can see in motion in my IG Reel, I wanted to show how a few tweaks can be made, from rough to polished, without even having to make actual alterations. Oversized and baggy pieces have been in style for a while now, but they can be challenging for petite women to navigate, so I like to keep these elements in mind.

  1. Set fit

For coats, jackets, and sport tops, proper sleeve length is key to avoiding sloppiness. If I’m going to adjust one aspect of an oversized coat like this one, it’s to make sure the sleeves don’t cover my hands and make my arms look bulkier.

Here, I just folded the sleeves under 2-3 inches (you can secure it with a couple of pins if needed) and they immediately hang more fluidly. This jacket now looks more like it was made bigger on purpose than like a little girl trying on her mom’s clothes. You can also try rolling up the sleeves with hair elastic for a casual chic vibe.

  1. Pants fit

Just as sleeves that are too long can make your arms look bulky, pants that are too long can get tangled or bulge at the ankles and hit the top of your shoes at the ankle. Sometimes I don’t want to actually fold or cut the hems of my jeans in order to match different types of shoes, so I like to fold them and iron the hems (see above). You can also try my trick to shorten straight jeans without sewing!

For this particular outfit, I folded the jeans in just enough to touch the narrowest part of my ankles, but another inch would have been fine. By shortening the jeans a bit, they no longer touch the top of the boot and don’t bunch up on the calf.

  1. Boot style

Regular boots (as shown in the “before” photo) usually work best with skinny or slim-fit denim, or skirts and dresses. For straight or wide-legged pants, I really like the “sock” style of boots, which are stretchy and can be tucked completely into the leg opening for a clean look.

  1. Define the waistline

This will appear in almost all Before and After lists and can be done in several different ways.

A:When I wear a loose jacket, I make sure to tie the belt in the back, behind my waist. This pulls the sides of the jacket back a bit and adds a bit of waist definition. Check out the photos at the bottom of this post to see the true fit of this Uniqlo wool coat!

B. Before, the longer length of the sweater created a sharp visual line at my hips, the widest part of my body. By simply tucking in the top or switching to a shorter sweater, it draws the eye to the narrower part of the body and elongates the leg line.

And, while the jacket is fitted, the buttons at the waist and the bottom of the lapel actually fit right at my waist. This is ideal, and when combined with a tight top, it creates a very flattering waistline.

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