Mon. May 20th, 2024

The kilt is a little long from a fit perspective, but that seems to be the norm for pretty much most halter skirts on the market. This skirt does have a lot of 5 star reviews and no one has mentioned the silk sticking to their legs, so if you’ve been eyeing it, it’s worth checking out!The XS kilt length is 28″ and the waist is 12.4″ (elasticized) when lying flat.

Here are some of the other options I’ve found:

Thicker Satin + Multiple Colors:Camisole Skirt. the XXS has a 12.5″ waist and is 29″ long.
Thicker satin + similar champagne:J.Crew skirt, but 30″ longer. Look on me.
Same champagne dress:Bird Gray Satin Dress, XXS and up, adjustable straps
Petite size + silk:Banana Republic petite skirt in a lovely color, a sliding slit, petite 25″ length

Everlane Cashmere Sweater

A few years later, this Everlane sweater is still a favorite, although I can’t speak to this year’s exact version in case they have any updates. As mentioned, the neck is a full turtleneck sweater and I usually wear it folded down. The length is long enough that I can almost wear drawstring black bottoms or leather pants, which I often do. As you can see in some of the older pairings here and here, the turtleneck sweater is unfolded.

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