Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

As seen in a recent post, I’m always on the lookout for black-on-black winter ensembles that require little thought! It’s a timeless combination that can be both sophisticated and cozy, depending on the layers of winter footwear and coats I choose to add. For this post, I chose an everyday casual style that keeps me warm even in the cold Boston weather and wanted to check out this down jacket and waterproof boots below!

I wear bottoms a lot, so I’m always on the lookout for a corseted sweater that’s crotch-length but not too baggy. This one with the little pockets in the front is so cute! It’s also easy to pair with slim pants and loafers for work.

FYI, this knit blend does contain wool, so if you’re sensitive to wool then this may not be for you. I usually wear a t-shirt or Uniqlo thermal underneath to alleviate any potential itching. In terms of sizing, I prefer the length of the XS to the XXS as it has more coverage, but the sleeves are a little long and need to be rolled up. It’s hard to tell any difference from the photos, but below I’m wearing the XS in camel and the XXS in black. the XXS just touches my crotch, while the XS covers a little more.

hese Cole Haan waterproof boots have become my go-to shoe for school pickups and drop-offs because it’s too cold for sneakers, but not cold enough for heavy winter snow boots. They are a great commuter boot because they are very lightweight. I found them comfortable and the size 5.5 fits me in light socks, but I wouldn’t change the size and I do agree with the reviewer that it is a bit narrow. The listing doesn’t seem to say anywhere that they are waterproof, but the box and label on my pair specified the waterproof style. Some other options.

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