Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I really liked a few of these dresses so I wanted to blog more details about fit and sizing! I tried on several styles and then narrowed it down to a handful that I think would work great mixed and matched.

  1. seaside linen pants (4+ colors, small, classic and large)

J.Crew leggings have always been a readily available good length for me, and intentionally designed sevens actually work better for me than full-length (5 feet tall). My usual instinct is to go for a very neutral linen color, but “Faded Pistachio” is a soft olive color that has proven to be very versatile!

In terms of fit, the elastic waistband stretches to my waist and the length is perfect for sneakers and flats (see photos at the bottom of the post). These xxs small pants have an 11.75″ waist without stretch and 23.5″ inseam. As you can see in these photos, 100% linen wrinkles when worn.

  1. basket bag (three colors) – on sale!

I’m a sucker for a good summer bag, and this one comes in 3 neutral colors with rave reviews. What I really like about this compared to some of my other summer bags is that it has a liner with a small pocket inside and a drawstring closure on the liner bag to keep your items safe!

  1. violet mid-heeled pumps (4 colors) – on sale!

I’m not sure about the fit of these shoes since there aren’t any reviews, but I’m very happy with this pair and highly recommend it as a minimalist low-heeled sandal. If you’ve been eyeing these reformer sandals, the J.Crew Violeta looks very similar and is much more comfortable for a fraction of the price. As much as I love the look of the Reformer sandal, the straps are thin and kind of dig into my feet. the J.Crew Violeta has slightly wider straps (but without losing the minimalist chic) and is significantly more comfortable. As far as sizing goes, I’m usually between a 5 and a 5.5, and I’ve found that a 5.5 works best for me.

  1. Ribbed Beach Sweater (4 Colors) – On Sale

This sweater has an effortlessly slouchy silhouette that’s perfect for wearing half-tucked in with denim shorts, tied over the shoulder, or simply paired with jeans. The ribbed knit is a medium weight and the xxs regular fit feels intentionally too big on me and not too long. I also love the two side openings and relaxed dropped shoulders!

I read several pages of rave reviews about this sweater and how great it was for lounging and layering, so had to order it to try. When it came out of the package my mouth dropped open a little wide because it looked tiny, like it was made for a doll. It does have a lot of stretch, the xxs are comfortable, and it’s very cropped on me, more like a corset than a tank top. I’m also looking forward to trying layering on a button-down shirt (as seen on the model)!

I’ve mentioned these linen shorts before – they’re the most basic linen shorts you’ll find in your everyday life, with a loose fit and wide elastic band on the legs. If you’re looking for something a little shorter in length and a little less baggy in the legs, check out these seaside linen shorts.

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