Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I almost always tuck my sweaters in, and I know it’s hard to tell if an outfit will fit or not after it’s been “designed”, so I’ve included some full-length, untucked photos below. I also wanted to mention these earrings, which exceeded my expectations – they’re super lightweight, a small statement piece, but perfect for everyday wear.

Your lsamoine sweaters shrunk after the first wash, so if you’re between sizes, go a size up, just in case. I haven’t noticed if this has happened to me, but my size has fluctuated over that time. I usually hand wash my sweaters in the cold and lay them flat to dry.

The fabric on this one is 100% organic cotton and the XXS fit is a slightly slouchy, slightly oversized (but not overwhelming) pullover for me. If you only buy one striped sweater as a capsule closet that can be worn casual to business casual, this is the one.

If you like the look and length of this sweater, but are interested in a thicker, chunkier wool-blend knit, check out their Lucas pullover – and look at it on me. Despite the high wool content of the Lucas, the organic cotton + merino wool blend feels almost like an all-cotton blend, feels lint-free, and doesn’t make me itch.

I bought this dress about a year ago and really love the woven details and the fit for petites. It’s one of the shorter of my ssamzane sweaters and is comfortable on my hips, even when it’s not rolled. The gently stretched balloon sleeves also fit my arms without too much extra length. This one required minimal effort to style as I just quickly half rolled the front center. the 100% organic cotton is comfortable against the skin, the weave is slightly loose, and the weight is heavy, not too heavy and not too thin.

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