Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Since I first came across Quince some time ago, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to share more reviews! In addition to knitwear and silk shirts, I love their Turkish towels and have heard of people who love their bedding. I’ve also tried some small leather goods that didn’t really impress me, but I’d love to hear about your Quince successes and failures! I did notice that they are starting to offer ponte bottoms in smaller sizes, but I haven’t tried them myself yet.

  1. cashmere sweatpants

I looked at these for a while but thought the length would be too long. Luckily, it turns out that the xs do fit petite thanks to the banded bottom cuffs. These are very soft and lightweight and feel very comfortable for lounging or working from home.

Please note that all of their cashmere is lighter weight, but now that I have some experience knitting and know what it costs to produce with cashmere, I find Quince’s cashmere to be a great value. I believe these prices are direct from the factory to the consumer, as most of my orders are shipped from overseas.

  1. Powder Coater Cardigan

A lot of times the rags can be too long, but as you can see, this one is fairly small and friendly, hitting right at my knees. It can be worn over leggings, overalls or a jogging suit for extra cozy comfort.

  1. alpaca crew neck sweater

If you’re looking at the Everlane sweater I wear a lot, this is a similar option that I’ve been wanting to try! It’s cut very similar to Everlane’s alpaca sweater, but is actually a little smaller and lighter in weight. This Quince sweater has a lower wool content, so if you find Everlane’s sweaters too itchy, give this one a try. Also see my styles here and here. Note:I found both of these sweaters to be a bit chunkier, but I love the silhouette of them so I wear them all the time!

  1. cardigan

For a shorter option, they also have an open cardigan which is a rounded silhouette similar to the popular BFD cardigan, but in contrast to the BFD, the Quince sweater is made of lighter weight cashmere which is more textured and thicker.

  1. Cashmere turtleneck dress

I’ve reviewed their cashmere turtleneck dress before (see my review; here and here for my style as well). Note that this is a straight dress with no waistline, so I usually belt it! This one I have in two colors.

  1. men’s cashmere waffle sweatshirt

Picked a small for Nick (it fits perfectly, so if guys want a more casual fit, size them up). Bonus:You can borrow this one when you want a pullover in a bigger size! The women’s version of this wasn’t in stock when I ordered it for Nick, but it’s in stock now and looks like a great option for a textured crew neck pullover.

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