Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I’ve received so much happiness from those who’ve tried these jeans that I wanted WHBM to come out with painless options to wear to the office as well. I’m here to report that they now have several new washes in straight and shiny styles that are painless, including a generic solid black on sale!

Compared to other jeans I own, these jeans are made of stretchy “sculpted” denim with a slim leg and finished hem, whereas my Topshop 25 jeans are rigid non-stretch denim with a looser leg and flatter hem. The WHBM is also noticeably slimmer and more stretchy compared to my J.Crew Classic Straight Jeans 24 petite. I love the variety of fabrications and fits, so it just depends on what you’re looking for!

These WHBM petite jeans are listed as “high-waisted”, but I measured 9 inches higher and found that I’m more comfortable with a mid-rise waist. I wanted to point this out because a few of you have mentioned that you have a shorter torso or just don’t like super high jeans.

The back of these shoes were even uplifting on my flatter butt – see pictures below!

Another aspect I love is that these jeans are the perfect length for me to wear with either flats or sneakers without any frayed hems. They also have a finished hem, which is perfect for office wear in a raw cropped hem. Some Sculpt jeans are full length while others are cropped, so be sure to check the inside seams listed and remember that exact measurements will vary by size. The pair I’m wearing has a 25″ inseam, but the actual size is 24.25″, which is a perfect fit around my ankles on my 5-foot frame.

I would say that these run TTS slightly better than some other brands, but those that have these can always chime in! My first pair was a small, but my sizing kept fluctuating and my legs started to feel comfortable. I ended up buying the Newell Ant Laundry to add a size to my current 25″ waist.
Color Choice.

Below I’m wearing “Newell Ant” jeans, which are a beautiful medium blue with a slight vintage tint, and at the top of this post I’m wearing “Obsidian B”, a gray wash. They also have a classic solid black wash, which I bought last year and often wear with casual and funky casual outfits.

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