Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

The most beautiful weeks in Boston are officially here, and the weather has been so nice to us that most days only require a thin jacket or thick sweater! Inspired by Nori’s class’s regular nature walks and outdoor picnics, I went leaf peeping in the neighborhood and captured this beautiful view from the park. My dress code follows one of my favorite casual styles, which I can also pair with flats or sneakers when I want to accessorize with minimal effort! You can also see this outfit in my IG Reel.

Wool Jacket.

I shared this navy blazer for the first time this spring and paired it with a button down shirt and nude heels for another timeless look. I also bought a camel blazer a while back, and it has more personality than my other blazers thanks to the gold buttons. Compared to the J.Crew Regent blazer I often show, the Banana Republic Captain’s blazer is slightly longer, with a more proportionate waist profile and more pronounced lapels.
Slim jeans.

I recently bought these Madewell vintage wash jeans and reviewed them in this post. With a similar look and lower price, these Levi’s jeans are still a favorite from two years ago! Note that the Levi’s have a button closure and the Madewell’s have a zipper closure and a larger waistline in comparison. I had to cut the hems on both brands to my preferred length.
Hooded head pumps

I get asked about these every time I wear them, and unfortunately we’re sold out of a lot of sizes right now! I made these everyday low pumps that can be paired with a more formal office or a more laid back denim look.
Taupe Layered Top

The top I’m wearing is an older version from Uniqlo, but J.Crew Factory has a turtleneck sweater in a similar color. Surprisingly, it’s been one of my favorite layering tops for years because it pairs well with warm tones and cool browns as well as pretty much any other neutral color like cream, gray, navy or black!

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