Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about buying and discovering new styles! Pants like these used to be worn only in the office, but in recent years they’ve become popular for street, casual and evening wear. While very petite, it’s hard to find the right pants to complement this collection of looks. These perfect cropped pants made an appearance. I wore them with these sneakers, this tank top and crossbody bag for a daycare pick up and drop off and it was such a feel good casual yet chic outfit!

See my full review below, and the best news is that they just got all the colors back. I would definitely choose another color – brown or navy – and wanted to share some other finds. These pants are selling out fast, especially the shorts because I missed my size earlier this year and waited a while for them to come back in stock!

Wide-legged pants

Fabric and Versatility

Made from a soft woven fabric with pleasing pleats and a bit of elastic throughout. They arrived to me virtually wrinkle free and stayed that way. The same style is also available in a lighter weight fabric. Wear them with sandals and a fitted top from work to the weekend and into the evening. You can also pair it with a tank or top in the same color for an elegant jumpsuit effect.

Compared to other pants I’ve bought lately that require a high heel, these 28″ short inseam pants are actually very flattering on smaller people and fit well with low heels or even thick-soled sneakers. There’s a little bit of elastic in the back of the waistband, which helps with comfort but isn’t noticeable when you’re wearing the pants.

In the IG story, I previously shared some of my own pieces that were photographed by Sarah from our team. I personally love seeing the same styles for different body types, so if you want more of these, let us know! Here’s what Sarah had to say about the same mid-length pants:.

“I have a hard time finding drapey pants that fit well but don’t hug my hips too tightly, and these are perfect. Their stretch makes them very comfortable and allows them to skim over my hips without being restrictive.”a & F petite trousers grey (1)

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