Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I know some of you live in milder climates or have upcoming trips planned! I love lightweight linen pants as a staple in the summer and on vacation, but it’s hard to find pants that fit petite and aren’t baggy, especially white opaque pants.

Linen Pants Look:Dinner/Drinks

I love the stark contrast of a chic black and white ensemble, and you can easily turn that around with black pants and a white top. The same top also has a blue and white print that would look so cute with pants or jeans. The top has lightly structured boning in the corset that has a smoothing effect (not a heavy boning so it doesn’t feel stiff or restrictive). It’s a smooth fabric with just a slight bulge in the sleeves for those who don’t like structured, loose sleeves.

Linen Pant Style:For Work/Meetings

If you need a staple fit in the Tank-Osman Rib line, the recently launched A+F is fantastic. I have the square neck tank and sweater tee pictured above and these are thick, sturdy weight knit tops. The tee option feels firmer (maybe just slightly thicker?) compared to the tanks. Smooth, soft feel inside the skin.

Compared to my favorite Reformation Julia knit tank, Abercrombie’s Ottoman style tank has slightly narrower straps, more stretch, a slightly thinner weight, and runs smaller. The “beige” color has a taupe hue that pairs perfectly with their relaxed light taupe sport jacket. By the way, their sport jacket is a straighter cut, more relaxed style, as you can see on me with the full sleeve length.

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