Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

In recent years, I’ve become more of a fan of loose, oversized clothing (especially long jackets!) ), but there’s a fine line between oversized being chic and looking like a kid trying on mom’s clothes. I usually recommend altering clothes to fit, but sometimes you may need to quickly and temporarily adjust the fit of clothes that are too big.

You can do this in a variety of ways! If you’re trying to open up an oversized cardigan or jacket, I would try to visualize my waistline underneath the loose fit. You can add a belt underneath or tuck a top in at the waist like I did.

If it’s a jacket that you’re trying to wear tightly, a lot of times the waist placement of the oversized piece is well below my actual waistline, just like the initial belt placement on this trench. In this case, a common change I make to the jacket is to remove the belt loops and raise them a couple inches, or just remove the belt from the loops and tie it around my waist. You can also tie it together with a different belt (like our leather editing piece belt)

The photos below show how different the effect would have been if I had tied the belt higher at my waist instead of higher at my hips!

I usually recommend pairing an oversized piece of clothing with something more fitted, like slim pants and a fitted top. The contrast between a fitted jacket and an oversized jacket is the easiest way to pair loose clothing!

However, I really like loose-fitting as long as the clothes are stretched out. For example, instead of opting for baggy seven-quarter length pants, I chose these pants to keep the visual lines slim and flowing.

Another simple adjustment is to add some heels, you don’t always need to sacrifice comfort for a little lift. I’m a big fan of low heeled boots like Zara which add height but are still easy to walk in (mine are old but similar styles are available here and here).

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