Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Earlier in the day, when I saw that Everlane was having a silent “Friends and Family” sale, I looked in my inbox twice and there was 20% off from now through Sunday! This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of web-wide deal from them, and it’s better than their previous Black Friday where only select items were on sale.

I used to wear Everlane leggings religiously, but cheeky straight pants have slowly but surely replaced them over the past two years. I now have them in a few colors, including “Wear it in Medium Blue” and Ecru.

Their 26.5″ inseam is full length for me, and while this type of fit is what all the Gen Z’s in the city are wearing these days, I personally still prefer my jeans to be a bit of a seven. I shared how I adjusted my Everlane jeans in these posts:How to cut jeans and my seamless folding tips. For my Ecru pants above, I just folded the extra length underneath and ironed the hems flat, then between washes they stayed like that all day!

I bought these about a year ago and they are great quality, thick chunky cotton jersey in a medium weight.

It was my favorite two years ago and I’ve done several hairstyles in the colder months. I have it in almond (see photo) and warm taupe (see photo) and have added some new colors this fall. If you like light neutrals, almond is the perfect light gray that goes with a lot of colors.

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