Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Jacket:Similar lace-up jacket.
Sweater Dress:Last year’s express. Similar mid-length dress or shorter option
Boots: Nine West from last year. similar boots in a pretty color.
Bag: Mini Naghedi
Sunglasses: BP Aviators.

As we head into coat season, I wanted to share some of the different ways I design and tie my belts on trench coats and wool coats! Not only do these tie methods add a stylish finishing touch to an outfit, but they also prevent your belt from falling off and give you a more defined waistline when you open your coat. I’ve included a photo of the finished knot below.

  1. Tie.

When I open my jacket, I like to use this clean and simple knot in the back to secure the belt. It’s also great for shrinking some material on the back to create a small shape, like I shared before and after this post. I’ve trained myself to tie my tie in the back, but if you’re just learning this, you can tie your tie before you put on your jacket while it’s hanging on a hanger or over the back of your chair.

Ways to tie a jacket belt
Uniqlo coat xxs (see my fit instructions)

  1. Back Tie:Side Knot

This is the easiest, most fail-proof option anyone can do! I love this if I’m wearing my coat open and want to quickly secure the belt so it doesn’t fall off or get lost.

Styling tips for a corseted coat

  1. Bow ties:Hand knots

A nice, clean knot for when I don’t want the feminine feel of a bow tie or half circle tie.

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