Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

One day I was wandering around Boston in this outfit and a hipster teenager chased me down the street : “Miss, do you have a business card?” I really appreciate your style.” At first I thought it must have been some kids pranking me, but I didn’t see any of their friends around, and it turned out they were sincere. It was such a simple human interaction that it made me laugh for a full 10 minutes and reminded me that kind words are free, pass them on!

A couple highlights of our leisurely weekend: the

New England Clam Chowder with fresh summer corn. Check out my step-by-step video with suggestions for dairy-free sandwiches and how we made it lighter. Thanks to Damn Delicious for the original recipe using multi-fat cream.
Bounce around Boston!Artesani Playground is one of the largest public water parks with a wading pool, but it’s very busy. Check out Spring Shabu Shabu a few minutes away for all the weekend lunches you can eat (lots of fresh veggies!) , but it’s busy there too. We also love Carter’s Playground at Northeastern University, which has a playground, splash zone for toddlers and a babbling “river.”
Seaweed’s former babysitter got us hooked on Jamaican food, which is always rich in flavor. Nick bought short ribs and traded the oxtail for my Fork Life Instant Pot Jamaican Stew, which is a family favorite! If you don’t have Jamaican “browning” sauce on hand, he usually substitutes Sriracha or coconut amino acids.

Since I always get asked about waterproof yet cozy shoes (a struggle!), I have to say that the original is a great choice. , I have to say that the original NATIVE sneakers are worth it. They are very lightweight and dry right out. We always liked the Dick’s version with the Velcro strap openings, but unfortunately the Velcro wore out and never closed again, so the natives have lasted much longer and become old clothes.

By the way, the Rios gray sandals mentioned above are not meant to be water shoes, but there is a mesh option on the same list that should make it quicker to try. I like the brand’s cushioned, flexible, non-slip soles, which seem to be comfortable for him.

A few notes about this ASTR cotton dress (more sizes here and here), which is on sale and also comes in light blue. The model is wearing a mid-length dress, but it’s suitable for shorter ladies due to the 3/4 length sleeves and high waist. This dress fits me well and goes well with flats, and you can wear a regular bra! The fabric is a crispy cotton poplin and has a back zipper at the waist. If you’re hesitant to wear white, this trusty stain solution (rub and soak before putting in the machine wash) has gotten rid of my fear of food stains and dirty handprints!

I’ve also had my eye on these clear sandals for a while now, and I love the durability of this 2-inch low heel sandal. The clear straps are especially leggy and surprisingly comfortable for walking around the city! It’s also chic simply paired with jeans or shorts. Check out these sandals in other colors.

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