Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

I shared some chic casual outfits this week and today I want to share some sets.

black dress + sneakers
These Veja sneakers (available here + here) were out of stock for a while, but are finally back from 35 (my size, fits US 5). Some people find these shoes a little hard to wear, but I’ve found a few tricks to make them comfortable enough to go out all day with the kids. You can find my tips on preventing ankle chafing in this post, and check out some of my tips on IG for Veja tongues. I’ve also heard great things about the Campo style from friends who mentioned they were comfortable and didn’t require breaking in.
I’ve been wanting this black dress a lot since I first shared it with someone earlier this summer. I love it because it can be paired with sneakers or flat sandals, it’s comfy on a hot summer day, it covers all the stains on a dirty kid, I can go bra-less because it has a black cowl, and it has pockets for my phone.

linen pants + sneakers
I’ve been loving these linen pants because they keep me cool in hot weather and the elastic waist is extra comfy. The smaller size is almost sold out, but it’s great to pair with flats or with heeled sandals.

denim shorts + oversized sweatshirt

This is a cute vintage style sweatshirt (also short). I chose to go a size up from my usual xxs to make it look a little more slouchy and I like to pair it with denim shorts. The Nautical Designs sweatshirt is perfect for summer and they also have it in navy and gray. My Freedom Moses sandals are perfect for quick slips and I can get them wet or dirty and just rinse them off. I’m a size too big for them to fit, but this hack really helped me get them on.

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