Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

As I learned from last year’s experiment, pants can even have a place in a more casual closet. While pants have always been a staple pairing with work clothes, pants with sneakers is a new casual combo for me that is both trendy and comfortable.

I have a similar tweed jacket that I bought 6 years ago and have been wearing ever since (it even has a place in my capsule closet), so I’d have to say this style is definitely timeless, at least for me. Compared to my tweed jacket, I love that it’s a soft jersey that’s easier to wear casual, if I want to wear it casually. I’ve been wearing it with blue, gray and cream jeans, sneakers or flats for a chic casual look.

Check out me wearing this jacket with simple blue jeans and a tank top!

The classic pants have a lot of great reviews. I dug deep into my old product pages and found these pants with great distressed fabric and the perfect length for little girls! I’ve noticed that a lot of the recent styles of pants, even the narrow seam/short seam pants, are actually quite long and I need to sew hems when I wear them. These fit perfectly and are the perfect length for me to wear with sneakers or low heels. These shorts have a 12.5″ waist, 11″ rise, and 27.5″ inseam.

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