Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Last month, my friend Jasmin came to visit me and we had a great time hiking around the city and making this little video clip. She’s got a great everyday style and we often find each other rocking the same minimalist clothing formula of.

Favorite black boots on sale

My Caslon boots have been discontinued, but they did come out with an updated 2.0 version that is now selling for a pretty penny. Another walker-friendly boot I have in regular rotation are these Sam Edelman ones pictured below, which are on sale for the first time this year with free shipping and returns!

These combat boots have made dozens of appearances in my past outfits, and I just love how they add a little edginess and height to my everyday outfits. You can read my previous review here, and if you’re interested in more colors for this style of boot, I’ve gotten great feedback from you guys about this looking for fewer options that I shared last month!

As mentioned in a recent post, here’s The Drop trench coat by Jasmine that I had the opportunity to try on. I haven’t found a longer, lighter weight casual trench coat this year, but it’s a surprisingly good option for someone a little taller with longer arms. I rarely buy clothes on Amazon and didn’t realize how lightweight and flattering this trench would be. It’s a mid-length dress, which is pretty much my very favorite length these days, but please note that the sleeves will be long for petite people. I’m trying on my friend’s XS, which is available online from XXS.
The Most Comfortable “Leather” Slimming Pants Ever!

I raved about these faux leather bottoms earlier this year, and they’re a great component of a minimal outfit when I want something a little edgier than regular bottoms or jeans. These are a size 0 (fits size 00) and the waistband and inseam length are perfect for me.

I love the cut that’s sandwiched between bottoms and pants – not tight on the legs like bottoms, but not baggy like regular pants either. I was really comfortable even at the kids’ birthday party (just yesterday) and on a playground trip where there was no shortage of squatting and bending! They stand out from my other “leather” bottoms thanks to the flexible stretch and soft fleece lining. I also wore them with a simple black t-shirt and poncho while apple picking here.

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